Assessment Summary This assessment task requires you to develop your personal Ca

Assessment Summary
This assessment task requires you to develop your personal Career ePortfolio based on what you learned about yourself through Assessment Task 1 Professional Development Reflective Journal, your ongoing career planning and management and what you have learned in the Course.
Otherwise known as a Professional Portfolio (Harrington & Hall 2007), an ePortfolio is used to capture and organise information to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and samples of your professional work to prospective employers and potential clients. It is a way of documenting or recording who you are, what you have to offer and what you are seeking, or “marketing yourself” (Harrington & Hall 2007 p 74).
The process of planning and creating your e-Portfolio, will assist you to prepare for transitioning to the next stage of your career and help you to articulate your knowledge more effectively, skills, other qualities (KSOQ’s) to employers and clients. This task will also provide you with the experience of preparing a competitive job application for your chosen career field.
For this task, based on information in your journals and career planning, you are required to create an ePortfolio, which includes the following items, which you will have worked on during class:
Job advertisement or position description – to assess how well your resume and cover letter match the selection criteria (non-assessable).
Resume (2-3 pages)
Cover letter (1 page)
Elevator pitch (30 seconds presented in a Word document).
Personal video with a visual e.g. vision board (no more than 2 minutes)

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