Answer the following questions about our course texts. Each question is based o

Answer the following questions about our course texts. Each question is based on both the video lectures and our in-class discussions.
Each question is worth 25 points. You will be graded on your use and explanation/analysis of direct evidence (quotations) from each text to answer each question.
You do not need to use outside sources (and I would suggest there is no need to).
Each question should be answered in at least 250 words. If your answers are short, discuss more quotes.
1) In James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues,” in what ways are the themes of family, history, and music crucial to the story? Are these themes interconnected? How so? Why is this significant?
2) What ideology does colonialism insist upon? What stories does Things Fall Apart tell to undo or reject this ideology?
3) How does Signs Preceding the End of the World explore the themes of language, identity, and change? How are these three themes connected? What is the text saying about the nature of change?
4) Choose any two of our course texts (from after the midterm). Discuss one shared thematic similarity between the two texts.
For the first question, I uploaded the reading and the video lectures. For the second and third the
links are below if you have the book or know about the book that’s awesome because I do not have copies of the books.
Sonny’s Blues Lectures part 1
Part 2
part 1 of Things Fall Apart is at this link
Part 2 is at this link (lectures)
Also, you will need to have to know about the book Things Fall Apart
For World Proceeding The End Of The World part 1 link is here
Part 2 is here at this link
(This is also a book) don’t have it. (lectures)
For number 4 the last question can you please talk about Dictee and Signs Proceeding The End Of
The World, I Uploaded the reading Of Dictee
My professor said that
Dictee and signs preceding the end of the world both speak about language. Forgets how to say it in her language, death is not the end of something but the beginning of something new. Inevitable something changing and you don’t want it to change.

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