Alt-Event: Corporate/ For profit. (Any event which their purpose is NOT to raise

Alt-Event: Corporate/ For profit. (Any event which their purpose is NOT to raise funds for a Non-Profit) [100]
Think of an event you would want to plan. Your dream wedding, an anniversary party for your parents, retirement party for your grandparent or mentor, graduation party, concert, festival, etc… anything under this category. Write your portfolio- in order of the following categories. Please label each category.
Materials to include: (2-3 pages)
[20] Pitch- In a brief written proposal (1-2 pages), you will identify your event, the various elements you anticipate need to be researched/addressed for said event, and what your planned budget will be. You will present your event plan as a complete, detailed proposal, making sure to identify your target audience (i.e., to whom are you making the event? your employer(s)? your parents? your clients? your charitable organization? etc.), and turn in a portfolio of your proposal.
[10] Develop Criteria for selecting the best possible location that meets all guests wants and needs. Take into consideration things such as: the theme, location, how many guests, time (date), finances, invitations, entertainment (dancing, DJ, band), catering (food), decorations, photography, security, parking needs (valet, staff), commemorative gifts, party favors, etc.(about 1/2 a page)
[10] Next, prioritize these criteria based on the importance of each criterion. (In other words, rank order the criteria from most to least important.) (about 1/2 a page)
Event Run through: (3-5 pages)
Run us through the event. Chronologically (2-3 pages) [20 points]
First- tell us about how would you set up the event, what would you do to prepare and set it up. What goals are set for this event?
Second- tell us about the day of the event. Every and any detail needed to paint a picture of your time at the event.
Third- Who would you need to run the event? What would everyone do during the event?
Event Elements (1-2 pages) [20 points]
Come up with 5-8 Frequently Asked Questions that you would foresee about the event. Answer them.
Come up with an outline for crew members to follow- who to talk to when.
[10] Schedule. Plan a detailed schedule of the event. Time needed to set up, what you would need and when, as well as the day of- set up and clean up. *This doesn’t have to be in paragraph form, it can be a list, time and what to do.(1/2-1 page)
[10] Flyers (create a flyer) – attach at the end of the portfolio or include as a separate document. (Full page)
6-9 pages total. The more thorough you are the better.

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