A letter to the Embassy of the UK in Kenya requesting for expedited student visa

A letter to the Embassy of the UK in Kenya requesting for expedited student visa interview to be able to attend school in the UK this coming August 2022. I’m supposed to report in July 2022 but not later than August 2022. Usually, students have to arrive earlier so that they can acclimatize with the school and the environment prior to school starting.
I have been waiting for my visa appointment schedule only to see today that the first available appointment is on August 1. 2024. This date is way out and I’m afraid that my admission could be possibly revoked because of my failure to attend on date offered.
I had admission in 2021 but could not attend as my visa interview date was first scheduled for August 25, 2022, at 8:00 am and the fact that I was supposed to report to the school not later than August 30, 2021, I had to defer my admission and also try to reschedule with the embassy. It was rescheduled to March 17, 2022, but that didn’t work because of the time that the school required me to attend so I had to see into another reschedule which I did.
According to the embassy, they have limited interviews due to the COVID and this was in 2021. I have deferred my admission two times already.
I have made all the necessary payments not forgetting the visa fee (Receipt # 245890678), and SEVIS fee(Sevis ID: 8N56809656).
Name: Almond Sey
Sevis ID: N55798777
Visa Receipt: 67784990
DS-160 Confirmation: SS673499478
Passport: H6849908
Date of Institution: University of Manchester
The letter should be addressed to the Consulate of the Embassy
I have contacted the school and they are ready to support me in any form or shape to enable me to obtain the visa to travel but outside the UK, they do not have control of the situation so I am pleading to the Embassy to assist with expediting interview to enable me to attend this spring semester.
It has to be a short and sweet letter.

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