A) Discussion Post Question What do you think motivate companies to do hybrid of

A) Discussion Post Question
What do you think motivate companies to do hybrid offerings? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid offerings? Use any cases–the company you worked for or other businesses–to illustrate your arguments.
B) Respond to 2 posts from classmates.
Due to the increased competitiveness and complexity in the buying process, the company has to find ways to defend their position in the market, “reacquire” their valued customers and create lifetime value. On top of that, the instability of the global supply chain under the effect of disease or political issue takes a heavy toll on firms’ performance, regardless of which filed they are operating.
For those reasons, the companies have more than enough motivation to do hybrid offerings. With hybrid offerings, firms can “increase buyers’ loyalty and lifetime value”, “leverage of resources and knowledge”. On the other hand, they face risks pertaining to capability, finance and market.
“Surge Transportation is a third-party logistics provider that focuses on domestic full-truckload van and refrigerated transportation”. Besides providing the products (logistics services), they combine their products with the services of real-time API market pricing technology and real-time reliable capacity for truckload shipments. By doing this hybrid offering, Surge can build better relationship with clients by offering them faster rates, guaranteed rates, easy to implement and eliminate spot market than purely transporting goods.
A hybrid combination is the combination of different kinds of products and services, But this offering must be perfectly combined. For example, Airpods and Iphones are used together, However, Apple markets both the products and services individually. This theory of hybrid offering is to increase Apple’s sales. After you buy your iphone they push you to purchase an apple watch and airpods because its gives the consumer the “Best” use of their iphone. Apple also looks at what each consumer owns as far as its products go. Personaly, I own a apple watch, airpods, iphone, and an ipad and I constanty recieve emails for Macbooks. So the advantages are that the company increases their sales and attracts/gains new customers. The disadvantages are coming up with ways to make a great product even better. So its a big investment for a company.

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