A community assessment in a rural community determines that more than one third

A community assessment in a rural community determines that more than one third of the adult residents are overweight or obese. The assessment reveals that 40% of the adults in this community reported they have high cholesterol and 30% report that they have high blood pressure. The majority of adults admit to eating out at fast food restaurants at least five times a week. This community contains many fast food restaurants and the most common foods sold in them are high in fat, sodium, sugar, and calories. The community has few outdoor recreational sites such as bike and walking paths and the county board has voted against increasing tax levies to provide those paths. The local hospital does provide evening and weekend health education classes on modifying diet and exercise to lead a healthier life. A coalition of healthcare clinics, the local public health agency, and local businesses is working on a plan to increase healthy living resources in the community to meet the needs of residents across the lifespan.
1) Identify the health status indicators for this community?
2) Identify determinants of health for the community including protective and risk factors (driving forces and restraining forces) that contribute to the health status of the community.
3) How can the public health nurse work with community members to build on their protective factors and reduce their risk factors?
4) Spelling/Grammar
5) Critical thinking/analysis
6) References (APA format)

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