1. So far in the course, overall, has the History of Medicine been more abou

1. So far in the course, overall, has the History of Medicine been more about designing methods for controlling disease, or for controlling people? Improving health outcomes, or controlling who gets to make health-care decisions? Review the relevant evidence and, after answering that question, tell me what links you see between the issues and examples of using medicine to control both disease and people from our course, and the controversies surrounding medical authority in the 2020-22 pandemic.
Traditional: 5-6 double-spaced pages using normal fonts and margins. Part of being a good thinker is separating out the essential from the peripheral, so you do need to honor the spirit of this limit.
Student-Generated “Un-essay” Alternative: Propose to me another method you will use to show the synthesis of your thinking about diverse readings and course-lessons from the first half of the semester. It may be anything from a podcast or a website to a collage or song, as long as
it gives you a plausible path to meeting the same proof-of-thinking requirements laid out in the rubric as the essay.
Citations should follow the style used by your major. For historians, that’s Chicago Manual of Style, or its simplified, user-friendly version created by Dr. Kate Turabian. That means, footnotes. Most other majors will be parenthetical citations. But really, I just need you to “show your work.” Let me give you credit for all your careful study and reading and note-taking by showing me where and how you used course information.
Covering: day one through Week 07 – History of Pain/Consent/Animals
Outside-of-class Sources
This assignment evaluates your comprehension of the designated readings, assignments, and activities from this class. They are not research projects. I cannot evaluate you on your comprehension of in-class materials if you turn this into a research project. You might want to briefly reference an outside source related to pandemic-issues in 2020-22, but for showing your historical knowledge, stick exclusively to what we’ve assigned or discussed in this course.
Be sure to read your qualitative grading rubric before, during, and after the writing of your essay.

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