1.Does the theory have a name? 2. Does the theory provide crucial references for

1.Does the theory have a name?
2. Does the theory provide crucial references for the
original and/or current work of the theorist and other authors writing about
the theory?
3. Does the theory describe the theorist’s background
and how it impacted theory development?
4. Can you describe the theory in your own words?
5. Does the theory talk of the phenomenon of concern
or problems?
6. Does the theory talk of the major concepts?
7. Does the author define the concepts in theoretical
and operational terms?
8. Does the theory reflect the author’s consistency
with the use of concepts and other terms used in the theory?
9. Does the theory provide a concept map to visually
demonstrate all the concepts and relationships between them?
10. Does the theory enlist the explicit and implicit
assumptions/propositions underlying it?
11. Does the theory describe the four metaparadigm
concepts of nursing?
12. Does the theory reflect clarity of thought
13. Is the theory lucid and consistent?
14. Does the theory address semantic and structural
clarity and consistency?
15. Does the theory explain/discuss the logical
congruence of the internal structure of the theory?
16. Does the theory give an indication of the level
which helps to describe, explain, predict or control the theory?
17. Does the theory demonstrate the ability to guide
nursing actions?
18. Does the theory reveal the extent to which it can
guide the phenomenon of nursing?
19. Does the theory find application in primary areas
of nursing i.e., practice, education, or research?
20. Does the theory mention any inherent limitations?
21. Does the theory have broad application or is the
application only confined within a narrow focus?
22. Is the theory easily understood?
23. Is the theory relevant to practice?
24. Is this a theory for the future?

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