Your final project can be in the format of a summary document (in Word, etc.) or

Your final project can be in the format of a summary document (in Word, etc.) or it can be a PowerPoint.
Your final project is on the group you presented your research on earlier.
———————————————————–(LATIN KINGS)-GANG————————————————————–
You are now presenting that information to the supervisor of the gang unit. Assume they know some information but they want to know if this group poses a threat to your area and why.
Your project must contain:
Introduction/Assessment- a statement using probability language regarding the threat your group poses.
(Focus on the key intelligence question- What threat does group X pose?)
Key Judgments- at least (2) statements based on the information collected on your group.
Examples could include why they are a safety concern, why they commit the crimes they do, what their goals are that make them dangerous, etc.
Support for Key Judgements- at least (2) pieces of information that support your key judgments.
Examples might include that they are known to carry a specific weapon that is easily concealable but dangerous, etc.
Gaps/Assumptions- pieces of information you are missing or would like to know about this group.
Link Analysis- this can show their movement, the hierarchy, their funding, their network, etc. (Your link analysis can be in explanation form or in chart form as you did not for the link analysis assignment)
Please feel free to include any other visual item you would like such as a map of their area, their identifiers, their common appearances, etc.

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