You will write a 550-700-word essay on one of the topics below. You will have to

You will write a 550-700-word essay on one of the topics below. You will have to come up wih a strong thesis statement that clearly states your argument. The essay must have four or five paragraphs: an introduction, two or three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Your essay should not exceed 700 words, not counting citations of more than 4 words. (Please indicate //550 in your essay when you reach the minimum word count.)
You must follow these guidelines:
1. The thesis statement must be the last sentence of the introduction.
2. All topic sentences must be underlined, wherever they are. If no sentence in a body paragraph is underlined, the reader will assume that the first sentence is the topic sentence.
3. You must provide a separate reference page at the end of the essay.
4. All ideas that are not your own must be properly attributed. All citations must refer to a source in the reference page. Please take note of penalties for plagiarism.
5. The reference page must not include any sources not cited in the text.
6. Integrate citations into the text properly.
7. Your essay should include at least 4 different secondary sources. Your sources must be reliable. Wikipedia and YouTube do not count as reliable sources.
8. Give your essay an effective title.
Here are the topics you can choose from:
1. Extinction : · The sixth mass extinction
2- Diets : · Human diets and extinction
· Diets and brain health
· Irradiated food
· Hormone mimics, like BPA, phthalates
3- Space Exploration
· What are the impacts on our society and environment?
· What effects does it have on the human body?
NOTE : I would personnaly prefer an essay on The sixth mass extinction but if it’s not possible,you can choose a topic from the above.
– citation of more than 3 words are NOT included in the word count
– All 4-5 citation must be from different sources. If you put 5 citation, the 5 citation must be from different sources
– word count must be between 550-700 words

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