You are an intern for a U.S. Congressman. Prepare a 2-3 page memo with graphs an

You are an intern for a U.S. Congressman. Prepare a 2-3 page memo with graphs and references for your Congressman that explains in economic terms the impact of this bill on at least two variables that are of interest for your specific Congressional District. You will need to identify the variables and conduct the same type of analysis you did on the four variables I gave you in the first paper.
▪ A minimum of 500 words is to be written stressing the important points using economic theory and graphs to demonstrate important supply and demand schedules.
▪ Use Times New Roman, 10 point font, double space the body and single space the heading.
▪ There should be an introductory paragraph with a primary argument or clear thesis statement.
▪ Explain each specific point in paragraph form with reference to the attached graph to better develop an explanation(graphs are attached as an appendix).
▪ The memorandum should end with a concluding paragraph that gathers your thoughts and declares the final point concerning the issue.
▪ Be sure and check your grammar and spelling. It is acceptable to add handwritten edits to your final version before submitting it.
▪ Be sure and distinctly label all parts of your graphs. Have a complete graph by adding arrows to illustrate direction of change associated with the economic phenomena you address in your memorandum. Label your graphs (ie, Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.) and be specific in referring to them. This will aid your reader in understanding the assessment of the situation. Your paper is not complete without accompanying graphs. If you are having trouble with the graphs, ask the TA’s or Dr. Menzies.
▪ Your graphs may be hand-drawn if they are neatly done.
▪ The grading rubric to be used for this assignment is attached.
It goes along with the first paper you had helped me with and the two commodities would be from the Houston Texas congressional district like for example something like cotton, hay, sheep, goats, beef cattle or like poultry but only two commodities and they can’t be the ones from the first writing assignment which I’ll attach too incase you don’t have it on hand anymore, you analysis the two commodities from my district the same way you analyzed the other ones they just can’t be any of those four from the first

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