Week 7 examines the Bill of Rights and elements of probable cause. Learning Obje

Week 7 examines the Bill of Rights and elements of probable cause.
Learning Objectives: Following Week 7 students will
Recognize the significance of the Bill of Rights
Understand the elements and significance of probable cause
Discuss “Innocent until proven Guilty”
Instructor’s Notes:
Every Law Enforcement Officer and Prosecutor have found them in situations where they firmly believed that the defendant was guilty, only to have the defendant found not guilty. Of course, legal loop holes and defense counsel strategy have been successful in “getting a guilty person off”.
On the other hand, The Innocence Project is finding innocent persons convicted and incarcerated every week. As Criminal Justice Professionals sworn to Protect and Serve, it behooves us to fairly and equitably seek justice.
Reading Assignment: Chapter 9; Ethics, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Assignments: Watch the Movie “Minority Report (Links to an external site.)”. The student is required to submit a paper of a minimum of 500 words discussing the film viewed in relation to Chapter 7. In the paper, discuss ethics and duty. 15 points
Week 7 explores the mechanisms that collaborate in the process of critical thinking as it relates to morality. This process results in moral critical thinking which translates into moral and honorable conduct.
Learning Objectives: Following the completion of week 7, students will
Understand the relationship of critical thinking and morality
Understand the relationship of critical moral thinking and honorable, moral conduct
Recognize the pitfalls that an officer encounters that could negatively influence moral and honorable conduct

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