View the documentary The Unafraid, first paragraph:

View the documentary The Unafraid,
first paragraph: 100ish words
Attempts to illustrate or commiserate with the plight of undocumented immigrants may ironically backfire and engender hostility from those immigrants and their families, as Alejandro’s frustration with his school and the news demonstrates. What might explain his frustration, and what might it indicate about attitudes towards undocumented immigrants, even from those people who are nominally supportive of them?
second paragraph: 100ish words
Silvia (aka Lili) experienced setbacks in trying to get into higher education in Georgia. Then she discovered through her family network an unexpected opportunity to attend college, but it didn’t come to fruition in the end. What could K-12 teachers do to make sure that students like Lili face fewer of the kinds of barriers and setbacks that she experienced? Consider where those barriers exist at the policy, school, community, and/or family levels in your answer.

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