Use the headlines offered to answer questions of the following article attached.

Use the headlines offered to answer questions of the following article attached. You do not need to answer every question exactly, but under the headline just be sure to touch on as many points as possible! 🙂
I. Introduction/Literature Review/Purpose of Study
What problem or concern motivated this study?
What is the relevance of this study to social work practice, why is it important?
How did the author(s) use literature and/or theory to inform the study (e.g., support rationale for study, identify gap in knowledge, identify methodologies, identify concepts, etc.)?
What is (are) the research question(s) of this study?
II. Methodology
How was the sample selected and what type of sample was it? Which specific subtype?
What were the sampling criteria?
What were the intended and actual sample sizes? Were they different? If so, what sampling problems did the researchers encounter?
Was the sample adequate to answer the question and support the conclusions of the study? If not, what would have been a stronger or more appropriate sample? Provide a rationale for your answer.
What data collection methods were used?
How did the authors analyze the data?
How did the author(s) attempt to enhance the trustworthiness and applicability of the findings? Are there some additional steps you think they could have taken to strengthen the study?
What were the methodological limitations of this study? To what extent do(es) the author(s) address these? Be sure to use your critical judgment here; authors don’t always acknowledge limitations.
Describe the findings of this study. Be sure to include all important findings.
What conclusions did the author(s) draw from the findings? How well were these conclusions supported by the data presented?
Issues of Ethics and Diversity
What ethical issues related to how the study was carried out did the author(s) address in this research and how were these issues addressed? Be sure to address issues associated with the protection of human research participants. What ethical issues, if any, do you believe should have been, but were not addressed by the author(s)? What suggestions do you have for how these issues could have been addressed?
What factors related to human diversity are related to this research? What, if anything, did the author(s) do to assure that this research addressed such factors What suggestions do you have for how the author(s) could have taken issues of diversity more into account?
Utility of the Research
How might the findings of this study be useful for social work practice, program development/administration, and future research? How might the findings be used in development of social policy? Be specific and comprehensive in your answers. Not all studies have relevance for all 4 areas, but you need to address each one, explaining why or why not the findings have relevance.
VI. Reflection
Consider how comfortable and confident you were reading, understanding, critiquing, and discussing qualitative research articles at the beginning of the semester. Reflect on your current level of comfort and confidence in these areas now. What has changed? What are your strengths? What areas do you need to continue to work on so you are able to read, critique, and use qualitative social work research to enhance your future practice?

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