Two songs that are covered during the first two units will be compared and contr

Two songs that are covered during the first two units will be compared and contrasted. The songs must be chosen from the provided list – one song from each list – and the paper should be no shorter than 3 pages (excluding bibliography). A bibliography must be included with proper citations for the songs themselves and at least 2 proper references.
The paper is due on May 2nd at 11:59 pm and will be submitted via Canvas.
Be sure to listen to the songs and choose ones that you feel that you may have a lot to say about, and remember, you’re comparing the songs not how you feel about the songs.
We spend much of our class time listening to music and comparing it, and you should be using the same tools, techniques and vocabularies to write your paper.
You should be approaching this assignment from the perspective of the listener. Focus on phenomena – things that you perceive with your senses – first, and then move on to written materials to support your ideas.
If there is an element of one song that you are particularly attracted to – the rhythm, the melody, a particular instrument – compare it to a similar element (or lack of one) in the other song.
Remember, if you do not feel like you fully understand a word, do not use it – clarity and simplicity in writing go hand-in-hand and this misuse of musical terms, however well-intentioned, will lead to incorrect outcomes.
Remember too that the goal is for the reader to understand what you are writing about. Assume that the reader is about to listen to the music and give them clear cues on what to listen for.

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