Two friends, Marcus and Joe, walked into an electronics store and went their sep

Two friends, Marcus and Joe, walked into an electronics store and went their separate ways to look for presents for their girlfriends. Store employees, who were all Caucasian, carefully watched and followed Marcus, who is African American, but ignored Joe, who is also Caucasian. Joe overheard one employee saying about his friend, “Keep a close eye on that guy – Black people always steal.”
In your essay, make sure you answer the following questions within the context of the workplace and to provide supporting details from the chapter.
How might the idea of increased contact realistically decrease the employees’ prejudice towards African Americans in this scenario?
How does Sherif and colleagues’ (1961) Robbers Cave boys camp study support the idea of increased contact?
Discuss why contact does not always lead to a decrease in conflict.
This is a formal essay and should include an introduction, a fully developed body with supporting details, and a conclusion. A high level of writing is expected; hence, please write formally, avoiding contractions and slang and proof-read your answer several time before submitting for a grade. Use correct APA intext citation for sources used and quoted material. Note, you will be graded on the quality of your written expression, coherence and focus, and adherence to the rules of writing. Your essay must be a minimum of 700 words; essays that are lengthier most likely to result in a higher grade. Remember to provide a word count at the end of the essay and highlight or underline key concepts that answer the questions posed.

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