*This is for my International Business course and I would like it to be based on

*This is for my International Business course and I would like it to be based on the company Cadbury*
Instructions from professor:
You may select a particular multinational corporation (MNC) and analyze a specific
international strategy of the firm that may have led to its success or failure in the international market. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the motivation, progress, and the outcomes of the
strategy and explain why and how it led to the success or failure of the MNC. In addition, provide
your own views, opinions or suggestions on how the MNC may strengthen or reconfigure its
international strategy to succeed in the global market. Make sure to bring in relevant topics
discussed in class, as it will enhance the learning experience of the overall class.
Written final reports are expected to be submitted to the instructor via email at the noticed deadline.
The report will take the format of (a) times new roman font, (b) font size 12, (c) 1 spaced, and (d)
may not exceed 8 pages. Note that quality matters more than quantity, in that long writings without
clear logics, objective explanations, analyses, and own recommendations will not receive high
scores. Including sub-titles for clarity is recommended. In addition, include exhibits and references
for your information sources.
*Please try and intertwine concepts of international business into the paper, like culture of the business, how the company trades internationally, their worldwide business strategies, their growth, how they leverage resources, etc.*

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