The IMC presentation Pitch must include: 1- IMC Campaign Objectives Here the stu

The IMC presentation Pitch must include:
1- IMC Campaign Objectives
Here the student will give a brief on the product problem that was previously stated in CW1, moving towards the objectives of the new campaign to work on these issues and problems facing the product in the market. The student must make use of the six categories in the Facets model in Ch.5 to explain the most common consumer focused objectives. In this section, the student also must provide a name to represent the new IMC Campaign.
2-Brand Identity and positioning strategies:
The student in this part needs to go quickly through the target audience part, stating only the major variables that gives an impression about the audience. Then, they will start explaining the new brand identity strategy through choosing at least 2 strategies as in Ch.8 and describe the new identity of the brand through them.
Moving to the positioning strategies, the students need to choose a positioning strategy to locate the brand in their consumer minds. They should make use of at least 2 strategies of positioning as explained in Ch.8 and explain them.
3- The Creative Strategy:
To achieve the communication objectives, first, choosing a suitable message strategy is important. Students need to choose the message strategy approach, by stating the message objectives and what they need to accomplish.
The approach here is whether the student will use (Head and Heart), or (Hard sell) or (Soft sell) and justify why.Second, choose the message format. There are various formats to deliver the message to target audience. The student must choose at least 2 formats in the new campaign and say why. Students can choose formats from Ch.9. Finally, the new message should be briefed in a new slogan/tagline developed by the student. This tagline will be consistent throughout the campaign.
4- Media and Communication Tools+ 2 artefacts:
The student must choose here the communication and media tools they are going to use in their campaign. Each campaign must at least include four communication tools (digital+traditional) with justification.
Each student is required to mention which type of media you are going to use as explained in Ch.12 to promote and advertise for the campaign for the target audience. There must be clarification why these media types and communication means in specific will suit this target audience.
The student also need to do a mini time plan for the IMC campaign in terms of seasons or months that the campaign will run through.
5- Visualization of the new brand identity and positioning:
The visual communication strategy is a major step in providing a brand image and positioning in the market. In this part, student is asked to work on developing a new logo for the brand through either illustrations, typography or both to create a distinctive and original image of the brand. The student also needs to propose a new packaging design for the brand showing the new logo and how it is reflected on the brand image. The student can make use of the designer tool kit in Ch.11 to work on the new design of the logo and package.
This part inquires justification of the new colour, design, typography, and layout. The new logo design must be clear and appear in all the communication tools used in the new IMC Campaign.
Further Recommendations:
Successful candidate can demonstrate the ability to:
▪ Successfully present the IMC Pitch. Presentation skills are important part of the pitch. No reading from
notes, slides, mobiles, or tablets are accepted. Students need to rehearse well before their presentations.
▪ Creativity, professionalism, and organization of slides are mandatory and counted.
▪ Time management, semi-formal dress code and discipline are expected from students
▪ The Pitch word count should be 2000 words equivalent and covers all required points and information.
▪ Any used sources must be cited and referenced at the end of the presentation.
▪ Check for Grammar mistakes, punctuation, and sentence structure problems

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