Pharmacology Project – 300 points –Due Week 8 Collect an advertisement for a p

Pharmacology Project – 300 points –Due Week 8
Collect an advertisement for a prescription drug from each of the drug classifications from the
following chapters of the Pharmacology textbook. 14 total
Chapter 7 Antibiotics and Antifungal, Antiviral and Antiparasitic Agents ( penicillin, fluconazole, famciclovir, ivermectin)
Chapter 8 Antihistamines ( Brompheniramine) pg 67
Chapter 9 Drugs that Affect the Skin and Mucous Membranes ( Emollients)
Chapter 10 Drugs that Affect the Respiratory System (ephedrine sulfate)
Chapter 11 Drugs that Affect the Circulatory System ( Inotropic drug)
Chapter 12 Drugs that Affect the Central Nervous System ( Amphetamine salt/Adderall)
Chapter 13 Pain Medications ( Acetaminophen/ Tylenol)
Chapter 14 Tranquilizers and Antidepressants (Diazepam, Cymbalta)
Chapter 16 Drugs that Affect the Autonomic Nervous System ( Metaraminol bitartrate / Aramine)
Chapter 17 Drugs that Affect the Digestive System (Famotidine / Pepcid)
Chapter 18 The Endocrine Glands and Hormones (Levothyroxine)
Chapter 19 Diuretics and other Drugs that Affect the Urinary System (Nitrofurantoin)
Chapter 20 Immunizing Agents and Immunosuppressives (Cyclosporine)
Chapter 21 Antineoplastic Drugs (Cyclophosphamide)
These advertisements can be from a magazine, journal, newspaper, internet, etc. Example – an
ad for Advair would be for chapter 10 – Drugs that Affect the Respiratory System
For each drug advertisement (14), you are to complete a typed drug/disease informative page to
include the following:
1.Chapter number and name
2.Name of Drug
3.Classification of the drug
4.Mechanism of action
5.Description of the drug
6.Side effects of this drug
7. Disease that the drug was advertised for
8.1-2 paragraph description of the disease
9.Where you found the drug/advertisement
10.Copy of the advertisement or screen shot/picture of the advertisement
References to use:
Page 6 MAST 1811 F2022
3M coding reference – clinical pharmacology (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Overall Project Appearance and Organization: 20pts
Each Medication Included in Project is worth: 10 pts (20 x 14 medications=280)
10pts–All medication information included as directed
5pts–More than one category requested missing
0pts–More than three categories requested missing
Total: 300pts

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