PART III: “Now it’s your turn” Create an original IEP on a case study. (40pts) T

PART III: “Now it’s your turn” Create an original IEP on a case study. (40pts)
TASK: Based on what you have learned on this topic of the IEP (from videos, lectures, presentations and readings),
create your own IEP . Using the information in the case study provided (Scott Doe, found at the end of the syllabus) each student will complete an IEP based on this case.
Complete the Student Information Summary (SIS) sheet from the demographic information available case study.
Write the present level of performance (strengths and needs) for academic achievement, social development, physical development, and management needs based on assessment results provided in the case study.
Write developmentally appropriate, measurable annual goals (include evaluation criteria, procedures, schedule, and person responsible). For each area of need identified in the Present Levels of Performance.
List any accommodations and modifications that would assist the child.
Include parental concerns.
Include the use of technology and or assistive technology when appropriate.
Note behavior management needs and supports.
Respond to all areas of the IEP document.
The IEP will be completed using the links to the forms below
Student Information Sheet:
IEP Form:

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