my course that I take is academic writing and im not very good at it I started o

my course that I take is academic writing and im not very good at it I started off really weak and there is a small progress but im getting there I wasn’t really good at English back in school but this course taught me a lot by time I had a lot of practice.previous assignments were really hard for me to complete it took me days to finish most of them I lacked a lot of work.i started off in an governmental school which had weak English levels moving to another school strengthened my English that’s were I learned most of it.writing was never really something I can do but the more assignments I had the more challenges I gave for myself to try again and restart which helped me improve my English, most of all since im an Emirati and grew up in a house of mostly arab speakers my English was weak but definitely college has strengthen my English a bit more and I believe I can ace it once day. I learned how to write apa researches and essays, how to add reference , page layout.being honest I never could accomplish the right instructions the professor provided but progress is on its way and later on hopefully ill be planning on entering more English courses to help me.
note for the writer: above I wrote most information you need to know in order to write my essay and I uploaded the professors instructions and one of my previous assignments if needed. thank you for your effort<3

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