Instructions You are the professional staff coordinator of a small, outpatient u

You are the professional staff coordinator of a small, outpatient urgent-care clinic. Historically, the clinic is busiest on weekend evenings. Many also come to the clinic on weekends to take care of nonemergency medical needs that were not addressed during regular physician office hours. Jane has been the RN at the clinic since it opened two years ago. She is well liked by all the employees and provides a sense of humor and lightheartedness in what is usually a highly stressful environment.
Jane has a reputation for being a “party animal.” She is known to begin partying after work on Friday night and close down the bars Saturday morning. During the last three months, Jane has called in sick five of the seven Saturday evenings that she was scheduled to work. The other employees have worked understaffed on what is generally the busiest night of the week, and they are becoming angry. They have asked you to talk to Jane or to staff an additional employee on those Saturday evenings when Jane is assigned to work.
You have decided that disciplinary action is needed and you have to determine the best course of action given the situation. Address all of the following in a 750-word paper:
List at least two possible courses of action.
Select one course of action and write a possible scenario to be used in the disciplinary conference. Scenario must include the following in relation to the steps of a disciplinary conference:
The problem stated in behavioral terms
An explanation to the employee of how the problem is related to organizational functioning
A clear statement of the possible consequences of the unwanted behavior
A request for input from the employee
Employee participation in the problem-solving
A plan for follow-up on the problem
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