Instructions The Maya Long Count Calendar began in the year 3114 BC and ended on

The Maya Long Count Calendar began in the year 3114 BC and ended on December 21, 2012 AD (in our calendar system). Did that day in 2012 mark the terminal end of the Maya concept of time? Did the Maya prophesize an apocalypse, or end of days, in the year AD 2012? We are still here, so did the Maya get it wrong?
Conduct a bit of internet research to learn more about the end of the Maya calendar in AD 2012, and the associated apocalypse belief.
Write a 3-page composition that includes the following content.
Briefly describe the 2012 apocalypse belief. What did the belief encompass? What evidence was used to support it? How was it linked to the ancient Maya and their calendar?
Explain the Maya long count calendar in detail. How is time divided? Did the calendar end in 2012? What calendrical rotation was linked to 2012? Note: this should be the primary emphasis of your paper.
Did the ancient Maya prophesize the world would end in AD 2012? Did the apocalypse belief have any relation to Maya mythology at all? Explain – why or why not?
Format : the composition must be written in complete sentences and paragraph format. It must be typed in 11-pt Calibri font, with 1-inch margins, and double-spacing. A minimum of 3 full pages is required.
Always Cite Your Sources
Be sure to support what you say with references to the course material and/or outside sources, when relevant. Make sure to cite these sources both (1) within the text, and (2) in a References area at the bottom of your post/response, using APA style. Cite your sources every time you use words, images, or ideas that are not your own. This includes:
Direct quotes
When you copy & paste someone’s exact words inside quotation marks.
Paraphrased/summarized content
When you put someone else’s ideas into your own words.
When you use photos, charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations, graphs, videos, etc. that you did not create on your own.
Place your References/Works Cited page at the end of your essay and submit the documents together.

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