Instructions: Students will submit course paper on a terrorist group/organizatio

Students will submit course paper on a terrorist group/organization (Domestic or International) of their choice (with instructor approval). Only one student per terrorist group/organization. This paper will be between 10 – 15 pages (not including title page and reference list), 12 Font, Times New Roman, fully justified margins, and APA (in-text citations and reference list).
Assignment Specifics:
Your paper will include the following. Section page length are just suggestions, but the bulk of your paper will be in the literature review and the discussion.
Introduction (2 -3 Pages):
1. Briefly, discuss the origins/history (creation) of the terrorist group/organization you are writing about
2. Include their major goals/motivations
Literature Review (5 – 8 Pages):
In this section you want to show the reader what your group has been up to and how they are perceived by their supporters, press, and the world
1. Discuss the current status of your group/organization.
I suggest you format your literature review as follows:
Scholarly Works
Journal Articles
Gov’t Reports
Non-Scholarly Works
News Articles
Other web-based material (news related)
Group/Organization website or other propaganda
*While you should focus on scholarly works, you can use what you can find. The only exception to this is you cannot use Wikipedia or other like sources in your work.*
Discussion & Conclusion (3 – 4 Pages):
You should base this section on your course readings and research for this paper.
1. In this section discuss what the U.S. can do to counter this group/organization.
2. If applicable, you can also discuss what other governments can do to counter this group/organization.
3. How can this group/organization be defeated or diminished.
Due Date and Submission:
You will submit your paper via Canvas, and it needs to be submitted as an MSWord document or PDF. Submissions in any other format will receive a zero. Your paper is due on 5/2 at 11:59pm, late submissions will receive a zero. Make sure you proof read you paper prior to submission. All papers will be reviewed for plagiarism and plagiarized papers will receive a zero and reported to the Dean of Students.
cite ((Macdonald, 1980).

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