I would like you now to discern some of the most important issues of our day. If

I would like you now to discern some of the most important issues of our day. If our
society could successfully tackle three social or political issues, what do you think
they should be? Why do you think these are the most important issues?
The three social/ political issues i want to write about is Healthcare, Education and Homelessness.
-Explain why these three are the most important issues.
-Details to back up why i believe they are important.
– I believe healthcare providers should accept different insurances for people that cant afford good services.
– Their should be more shelters for homeless people to help them get back on their feet.
Your Essay Should Include:
1. An introduction that includes:
a. A good hook (personal experience, current event, rhetorical question,
quote or definition)
b. Background information
c. A thesis that directly answers the above highlighted questions
2. Body paragraphs that support your thesis. The body of your essay should include
a. 3 rhetorical modes (narration, process, description, exemplification,
compare and contrast, cause and effect)
b. 3 methods of persuasion (examples, facts and statistics, refer to an
authority, predict the consequences, anticipate and respond to the
c. 2 outside sources
3. A conclusion that:
a. Sums up your main point
b. Leaves the reader with something else to think about, like a question,
prediction or solution

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