For your paper, you may either visit a virtual art museum (Links to the site: ht

For your paper, you may either visit a virtual art museum (Links to the site: or select a contemporary artist that works in the medium of drawing painting, or sculpture. You only need to choose one of the options for your paper: either the virtual museum visit or the artist paper.
If you choose to visit a virtual museum (The MET in NYC, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louvre in Paris, etc.), you should select 2-3 paintings/drawings/scutlpures to write about in your paper. You should include the title of these works of art, the artist, the date and describe the works and why you chose these specific ones. You should also include some information about work in terms of the content or historical context. Your paper must be written in APA or MLA format.
If you choose the artist paper, you should select a contemporary artist shared in our course modules or one you find on your own. In this paper, you should describe the work (line quality, color, composition organization, etc.) as well as answering the following questions:
-What are the main concepts/ideas behind the work?
-Why did you chose the artist? What makes them unique to you and your interests?
-A biography of the artist.
This paper should be 2-3 pages in length and you can use MLA or APA format. Your paper should be between 2-3 pages long. All papers should be submitted electronically. If you would like to include images of the artists work, please do so on a separate page (you cannot use images of the artist’s work to lengthen your paper).

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