Final Paper Assignment Instructions Overview Undoubtedly, as you read through th

Paper Assignment Instructions
as you read through the five viewpoints on the relationship between psychology
and Christianity, you agreed with portions of each viewpoint and disagreed with
other portions. Additionally, as you
read Creation Regained by Wolters (2005), you likely saw the relevance of viewing
human phenomena through the lens of the Grand Narrative. This Final Paper
Assignment is the capstone project of this course, in which you will
present your view of the relationship between psychological science and a
biblical worldview. Using the examples that you’ve seen in Johnson’s (2010)
text, write your viewpoint of this relationship and how it will affect how you
do research in your specific research area.
you are free to develop your Final Paper Assignment in whatever
direction you desire, the Final Paper Assignment should include the
clear name and definition of your viewpoint.
discussion of the key elements of your viewpoint with discussion of how your
view is similar to and different from the five views studied this term.
discussion of how the Grand Narrative, referencing information from Wolters’
text, plays a role in your viewpoint.
from research, philosophy, and Scripture for your perspective. You must build a good, logical argument,
using citations, for why you hold the viewpoint you do.
discussion of what research from your viewpoint will look like in your research
required length of the Final Paper Assignment is 20–25 pages of text. The
Final Paper Assignment should also include a title page and reference
page in APA format. The Final Paper Assignment must include an
introduction and conclusion in addition to the body as outlined above. The
title page and reference page are not included in the page requirement.
Be sure to review the criteria on the Final Paper Grading
Rubric before beginning this Final
Paper Assignment.
Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism

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