Final Presentation (150 points): The recent presidential election is now complet

Final Presentation (150 points):
The recent presidential election is now complete, to your surprise, you have been contacted by the candidate to research and propose an economic platform for their campaign.
Your proposed economic platform should incorporate plans to achieve the following economic goals in the US economy:
Growing the job market
Improving GDP growth
Addressing income inequality
Preventing future economic crises
To improve the efficacy of your pitch, it is suggested that you:
Defend your opinions using basic economic theory
Support your arguments with economic charts, graphs, and calculations
Communicate your suggestions in simple terms so economists and non-economists alike will grasp your conclusions
Organize your conclusions and create a power point presentation that underlines the key points of your plan. You will propose your plan in a 15-minute presentation to the class. Your PowerPoint should be done with a voice-over recording and submitted in the final presentation module and in the week 6 discussion.
Students will vote on which economic policy to implement. Students cannot vote for their own suggested policy. The winning policy will receive an extra 10 points on their grade for this final project.
***** I am unsure how many slides something like this will take , I didn’t select . If you can give me a better idea that would be great!

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