Feedback on classmates discussion post Everline Ogato INVENTION 11 After thoroug

Feedback on classmates discussion post
Everline Ogato
After thoroughly researching my topic and obtaining information from a variety of sources, I came up with the claim that some Americans believe abortion should be permitted at specific stages of embryonic development and under specific circumstances, while others are adamantly opposed to abortion under all conditions. The reporter’s approach is one I wish to adopt, which means reading the resources that are most relevant to my issue, analyzing and assessing the significant features that support my claim, and finally coming at a conclusion based on the analysis I would have undertaken on the relevant sources
Your text states that the hallmarks of academic argument are an appeal to reason and a reliance on research” (p. 406), and on page 411 it lays out some important criteria for developing an academic argument. Since we have been researching our topic for the last several essays, we have already met some of these criteria. We have chosen a topic, have become familiar with the conversation surrounding it and have also assessed what we know and what we need to know. Our next step is to come up with a claim, and the authors detail some important considerations. They remind us that “good claims are controversial. After all, you don’t want to debate something everyone already agrees upon or accepts.” We need a claim that shows our audience something new, providing new data or exploring an aspect of the issue less discussed. Our claim also “needs to say something consequential about that important or controversial topic and be supported with strong evidence and good reasons” (p. 412), and so it is imperative that we form a claim that can be directly supported from the research. Look back over your data and do some preliminary searches online to see what level of support you can provide. Explore these considerations in this forum and give your group members feedback regarding their claims, based on these criteria.
Textbook Information
Lundsford, Andrea, John Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters. Everything’s an Argument with readings. 8th edition. Bedford St. Martin’s, 2019.

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