Choose three theories of psychotherapy we have studied in the course and differe

Choose three
theories of psychotherapy we have studied in the course and differentiate among
them in terms of their views of human nature, beliefs about change, principles
of therapeutic relationships, key concepts, effective strategies,
cross-cultural considerations, and the variable significance of thought,
emotion, and behavior. Cheston’s (2000) article, “A new paradigm,” will be
helpful. All three theories will be fully described and analyzed in depth. As
each theoretical perspective is described and analyzed, quote from the readings
(using APA style for citing and referencing) to make finer and stronger points.
Challenge each theoretical perspective with critical analysis and point out the
areas of contrast, common ground, and complementarity between the
theories. This is a 10-12-page,
double-spaced paper. Please use 1-inch margins.
Please use a
minimum of 10 well-chosen references to the reading, citing at least 4 sources
(each chapter of the Sommers-Flanagan book is considered a different
source). If you wish, an additional 1-2
pages can be used as an appendix to include supplementary material.
students have chosen to write this paper by using a case study, film, song
lyrics, or a simulated panel discussion as the framework for the comparisons
among the three theories. The choice of
how to approach this paper is yours.

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