Background: I was assigned to make two lectures in this course. I made my first

Background: I was assigned to make two lectures in this course. I made my first one on making an ice-cream cake. It was graded by two peers and I have attached their rubrics. I then used their feedback to create a lecture about osteopathic medicine. The purpose of these exercises were to help us become better teachers. The final assignment, on which this paper will be on is as follows:
1) Read peer feedback on lecture
2) Reflect on your lectures and write a 1 page, single-spaced paper that addresses the following questions:
1. Before you received feedback on your lecture, what did you think were the positives and the negatives of your lecture and your performance relative to the scoring rubric?
2. What new information about your lecture and your performance did you learn from the feedback you received from your peer-reviewers?
3. Based on questions (1) and (2) above, what are three key concepts that you have learned that will improve the kind of lecturer you will become?
4. What did you learn about yourself as a teacher as a result of this exercise?
5. The next time you do a lecture, what three things will you do differently as a result of having taken this course?
Note to my writer: I understand that this is a personal assignment, please complete it to the best of your ability pretending that you were the one that learned from making these lecturers.
No citations or sources needed. 1 page single spaced. Should be written in first person.

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