1. An outstanding essay is an impressive submission. The writer presents a well-

1. An outstanding essay is an impressive submission. The writer presents a well-defined, insightful, and focused discussion. It includes a memorable thesis that allows for a compelling start to the essay. The discussion presents ideas that are substantive, sophisticated, and carefully elaborated. The submission meets or exceeds the minimum required word count.
2. An outstanding essay includes compelling use of research material. The presentation of research serves to promote and enhance the argument. Sources are used logically and provide compelling support for argumentative claims. At least 5 scholarly sources from quality academic journals found through the library databases are presented. Sources are all current (all were published within the last 10 years) and clearly relevant to the approved research topic.
3. Outstanding essays include compelling word choice, demonstrating insightful use of figurative language. The writer uses language that is precise and purposeful. Transitions are graceful and sophisticated and help the reader navigate out of one idea and into the next with ease and delight.
4. An outstanding essay demonstrates mastery of grammar and structure. Sentences are carefully formed and positioned with attention to emphasis, rhythm, and pace. The writer’s control of sentence structure contributes to the writer’s ability to communicate their purpose.
5. An outstanding essay is perfectly formatted. The essay includes the proper heading, title, page numbers, and line spacing. The writer demonstrates mastery of MLA formatting and includes an expertly formatted Works Cited page. All in-text citations are used properly with no significant errors.

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