Your first step is to choose a company to use for your analysis. This company mu

Your first step is to choose a company to use for your analysis. This company must be publicly traded so that you can access important documents needed for your analysis.
Cover page
Historical background of the company (5-8 pages)
Discuss the mission, vision, and values of the company (1-2 pages)
Prepare an analysis of the industry in which the company operates by discussing the distinguishing features (Market size, Market growth rate, Industry strength, etc.) of the industry (5-10 pages)
Describe recent problems that exist within the company and/or industry necessitating attention (2-3 pages)
Discuss the competition within the industry. Who are the main players? How intense is the rivalry? How attractive is the industry? What factors are critical to competing successfully in the industry? Porter’s Model of Competition must be used in this section. (5-10 pages)
Analyze and assess the trends, best-practices, existing initiatives and unique value-added of competitors (1-2 pages)
Scan the external macro-environment in which the firm operates by conducting a PEST analysis. What are the political, economic, social and technological factors that affect your company’s mission and strategic approach?
What is this organization’s strategy to compete? Is the strategy working?
Perform a complete, fully developed with explanations, SWOT analysis. (A minimum of eight components for element of SWOT, along with the identification and justification of the UT: Ultimate Threat is required: 12 components for each SWOT element=C, 16=B, 20=A). Posting below the minimum results in zero points. (5-8 pages)
Analyze and assess the trends, best-practices, existing initiatives, and unique value-added of the company (1-2 pages)
Discuss the company’s current competitive advantage through the consideration of the value offered by the company’s brand, product/service relative to other offerings in the market (1-2 pages)
Perform a financial analysis based on all current information available. In this analysis, include a full comparison of the respective company’s financials to their top five publicly traded competitors.
Create a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and discuss the metrics that need to be monitored.
Create a marketing plan for the organization (5-10 pages).
Provide your recommendations (a minimum of 12=C, 16=B, 20=A) and a plan of action for the organization (1-2 pages).
Develop a Spreadsheet that links each Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat to the respective Recommendations (1 page).
Develop a one page executive summary that includes key highlights, a dashboard to track progress, and which succinctly conveys the future direction and organizational priorities.

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