Question I - At the end of a long day, Sabrina, a cashier for a supermarket is c

Question I - At the end of a long day, Sabrina, a cashier for a supermarket is counting the paper money.  One of the bills falls from the cash register into the bottom of Sabrina’s purse.  What elements of embezzlement are present in this situation?  Should Sabrina be convicted of embezzlement?  Why or why not?
Question II - Fort Thomas Living is a small drafting company located in the Northern Kentucky.  Recently, Fort Thomas Living has contracted with several different local writers to draft various magazines and short-story books.  Once such transaction involves an exchange of $10,200.  Another transaction involves an exchange of $9,600?  Are both of these exchanges of money subject to the disclosure requirements of the Money Laundering Control Act?
Question III – Bobby Bigmouth is sued for slander by his boss.  Bobby argues that he cannot be sued for slander because he did not draft any statement.  He argues that his alleged slanderous comment was not drafted because he just made the comment to a co-worker about his boss rather than making that statement to a reporter to be drafted.  Is Bobby’s argument correct?
Question IV – During an episode of Sports Center, one of the anchors misread the teleprompter and said LeBron James was closing his school for at risk youth.  In reality, LeBron James was expanding his school.  This statement by the anchor was a slip of the tongue and corrected in the next episode.  Would LeBron’s defamation suit against Sports Center and the anchor be successful?  Why or why not?

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