Purpose: To compile a complementary list of academic and/or professional journa

Purpose: To compile a complementary list of academic and/or professional journal articles about a selected research topic that includes citations, summaries, and evaluations of those sources.
Audience: A fellow researcher (beginner through advanced level) in your discipline who needs to quickly locate quality academic and/or professional sources on the same research topic you have selected to explore.
Step 1. Select a narrow, defined research topic and identify a specific research question based on that topic that you think you would like to thoroughly explore this semester through your remaining projects. You may continue to work with the topic that was the focus of your articles for the exploratory essay or to select a new topic.
Step 2. Locate 8-10 academic and/or professional journal articles about the topic. In general these articles should be recent, drafted within the last 5, preferably no more than the last 10, years.
Step 3. Skim the articles you found using the strategies we have reviewed to determine their relevance to the topic and potential usefulness for your future research. If necessary, continue searching and replace sources you originally found to complete your list.
Step 4. After skimming and selecting your articles, carefully read each of them, taking critical notes as you read. When writing your notes focus on the thesis/argument, research methods used to collect and analyze the data, major findings/points, and gaps/flaws/limitations. These notes will help you to draft the essay, and you should refer to the handout “Writing an Annotated Bibliography” for more detailed information regarding what content to include and how to organize it.
Format: The annotated bibliography should be no fewer than 5 double spaced pages (the title page does not count toward this requirement), conform to formatting guidelines (12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins, proper heading, etc.), and use APA style.
My Previous exploratory topic was the disparity of womens sports compared to mens. we are given the option to stick with the topic, and I would like to follow the same topic for my annotated bib. I will attach my previous essay below.

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