Pueblo Computers Inc., (PCI) is a fifteen-year-old manufacturer of personal comp

Pueblo Computers Inc., (PCI) is a fifteen-year-old manufacturer of personal computers, with headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado. PCI was founded by four graduates of the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo). Although the company has been very successful in the U.S.A., it has not ventured overseas. Revenue for the company has remained somewhat stagnant at $ 3 billion and PCI is looking for other more lucrative markets. Recently, the four partners visited (your assigned country) and think that it will be a good market for PCI.
The four partners of PCI are very cautious businessmen and do not want to commit a blunder by entering an unknown market and have asked you (the Vice President of Marketing) to prepare a report on how to enter the PC market in (your assigned country. The report and the presentation are scheduled before the board meeting in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.
Contents of the Report
The president has specifically asked you to do a thorough job in researching the country and the PC industry in the country, i.e. all of the environmental factors that you will have to deal with when marketing the product. You should have the following information (in addition to any other information that you may think suitable) in your report.
Assigned Country: Germany
3. The Marketing Plan
Why do you think the company should enter this market with this product? What are the main opportunities and threats in this market? What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the firm in this market?
What is your target market? Provide a specific description of the consumers/market segment you plan to target, in terms of size, demographics, and psychographics. For example, don’t just say you’re targeting the middle class, rather, define the middle class in terms of income, etc. Try to quantify your market as much as possible. Why did you choose this segment?
What are your marketing objectives? What share of your target market do you expect to obtain in the first year?
What mode of entry will the company use to enter this market (e.g., licensing, joint venture, contract manufacturing (outsourcing), exporting, etc.? Why?
What will your overall positioning be? Whom do you expect to be your main competitors? Compare and contrast your product and the competition’s product(s). How do they compare in terms of price, features, and distribution channels used?
What will be your Competitive strategy? (focus/niche, low price, differentiation)
To what extent should your product be adapted to the local market? Please be as specific as possible in how and why it would be adapted, e.g., name, shape, color, options/features, etc.
How will you price your product? How will you determine the specific price (in $s and the host country’s currency)?
Describe your promotional strategy. What will be your main selling point for your product? Approximately how much will you budget the first year for advertising? What advertising media will you use? Give specific names of TV, Radio stations and newspapers, and magazines that you will use. Briefly discuss your creative execution, i.e., theme. What slogan will your slogan be? What other promotional elements (if any) will you use? How will you use them?
Describe your distribution strategy. How will you reach the end consumer/customer with your product? Which parts of the country will you cover (e.g., rural or urban)? What types of retail/wholesale outlets will you use? Why? Give specific names of wholesalers and retailers that you will use.
How will you organize the company within the host country?
Short (quantitative) and long-term (scenario) forecast for the country and how will you position yourself for the future?
Evaluating your marketing plan. What mechanism will you use to evaluate how well you are doing?
Upon completion of the final milestone, you should submit using APA format the entire report which includes section 3 ‘The Marketing Plan’.
**Please see attached the assignments that were required prior to this one, which should have all the information you need to complete the assignment.

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