Please focus on the topics below. You will research these topics and write a 5-

Please focus on the topics below. You will research these topics and write a 5-6 page paper on how these concepts apply to your chosen culture. If you have any questions about a particular country (or culture within this country) please ASK ME if it will work for this assignment.
You will write the paper in paragraph form and will include a works cited page. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THESE QUESTIONS TO YOUR PAPER. Please put all of these topics in a paper with paragraphs and proper grammar and sentence structure. Please don’t forget that you MUST have a works cited page and references throughout your paper. In addition, you should have a proper introduction and conclusion. what did you learn from this assignment? I would like you to research and use APA style. If you’re unfamiliar with this, please go to Purdue owl or You tube to learn this style which is commonly used in scientific research. You do not have to have an “abstract” at the beginning which many of the lengthy research articles use. Just a title page, about 5-6 pages then a works cited page. I know this is not an English class, but I expect you to use proper grammar and correctly spelled words, punctuation, etc. You cannot earn full credit with a paper full of mistakes. Please have someone read over it and offer you suggestions or to catch mistakes before you submit it. I look forward to reading your papers!
Every paper should have the following information…..
1. Where are they located? What is their physical environment, ex. (mountainous, plains, tropical, cold, etc) and how does their physical environment affect their every day life? What is their population? What countries surround them and how do these things affect their culture?
2. What is their government structure and how does this affect the way they live? Were they influenced by other cultures? For example, were they under French or English rule? Are they still? What language do they speak?
3. How do they display their emotions? What are their emotional “display rules?” How do certain emotions displayed affect those around them. For example, Does a culture encourage emotional displays or is it frowned upon and make others uneasy?
4. What is their family life like? Do they have large families? Are they a collectivistic or Individualistic culture?
5. What are some everyday social norms? for example, How do they greet each other? What are some non-verbal body language that they use? For example, a head bobble or a bow, etc. What are things that they say to each other? how do they accept gifts. Find anything that has to do with their every day behavior and social norms.
6. What are their gender roles? Traditional or more progressive, what are the expected roles for each gender?
7. What are some celebrations and what do they mean? In other words, why do they have them? For example “boxing day”
8. What is their diet? What are some basic things they eat, how do they eat it? and what are some delicacies they may have?
9. Please add any other interesting facts that stood out to you about this culture.

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