in your response, address the following: Share what you learned from reading you

in your response, address the following:
Share what you learned from reading your peer’s post, and what you might like to learn more about.
Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences, or program of study and career choice.
Your response should be about 100 words. 
“Does a healthy diet help prevent mental health conditions?”
So, does nutrition impact our cognitive and mental frameworks? The reply may be a resounding “yes”. In order to legitimately prepare as an athlete, it is vital to note what is going into your body and to create beyond any doubt you have got sufficient of everything. Proper nutrition is moderately straight forward. Eat a lot of distinctive natural fruits and vegetables (my teachers used to tell me to get as much color on my plate as possible). Carbohydrates make up a huge part of a diet, as they are a basic portion of keeping up legitimate sustaining performance and aim for approximately 50% of your energy coming from carbohydrates. Protein is an essential and basic portion of a diet, mostly coming from nourishments like eggs, dairy items, meat, and chicken. Fish can be a great source of fundamental acids, as well as protein. As an athlete or competitor, pay close consideration to your training load. It might appear like common sense, but if your training increases you need to make sure your nutrient intake increases along with it. Understanding the nutritional aspect for a good mental wellbeing could be a key antecedent to the advancement of mediations and techniques to improve mental wellbeing inside the sports space.
Finding information on nutrition and how to properly fuel your body for athletics is not very difficult and should be an essential for all athletes looking to improve or maintain their performance. Health magazines and weight-loss website are not the right place to look for this kind of information. RELIABLE sources are important, not ones trying to sell something or “change your life”. When I see my patients or service member’s I preach to them and dig into there nutrition plan for a better lifestyle. If a member comes to me and is looking to increase their athletic performance I have to now how they take care of themselves and get a good foundation to start with before “pulling out all my tools from the tool box.”
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