In this 5-8 paper you will explore how adverse childhood experiences and exposur

In this 5-8 paper you will explore how adverse childhood experiences and exposure to trauma affects children and adolescence in the classroom, home, and community. Within your paper you should explore your own exposure to trauma as a child and/or teenager and how it has impacted your life. You will also explore how schools and communities can assist children with adverse childhood experiences and trauma as well as their families.
Please answer the following questions within your paper:
What are ACES or Adverse Childhood Experiences (What does the research say)? What is your ACES score and how has having adverse childhood experiences affected your life?
How does trauma impact a child or adolescent’s ability to do well in school?
Why do schools need to be aware of and combat compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma within their faculty and staff? How can they support faculty and staff affected by these two phenomena?
What can schools and communities do to prevent the adverse effects of trauma for children?
For children with high ACES scores, what do teachers and schools need to do to fully support these children in their school communities?
Your paper should be written in APA format. You must include in-text citations and uses scholarly resources found via the library databases and/or Google Scholar. At a minimum, you should have referenced at least five different scholarly resources and included a minimum of five in-text citations. Please refrain from using block quotes of text, it best to paraphrase your references and use direct quotes sparingly.

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