I am required to write an article pitch for a culture writing class using an app

I am required to write an article pitch for a culture writing class using an approved outlet called the The Currator . Topic needs to be a book review or art centered
INSTRUCTIONSA pitch typically includes an engaging title, brief yet concise summary of the proposed article, clear connection to the outlet’s purpose and goals, and succinct overview of your qualifications and/or experience. This assignment involves creating a 325–350-word pitch for one of the course’s approved media outlets using the Approved Media Outlet Reference Guide as a guide. Each of the Article Pitch Assignments must be written to two different media outlets. At the top of the assignment, list the following:o The name of your outleto The specific section of the outlet for which you are writing (i.e. “Women,” “Faith,” or “Op-Ed”)Below this information, copy/paste your outlet’s submission guidelines or include a working link to the guidelines on the website. If your outlet does not provide detailed submission requirements, please use those for Christianity Today listed in the Article Pitch Resources.Create one 325-350-word pitch that meets each of your outlet’s submission requirements. Tips as you compose your pitches:o Research the outlet. The completed Outlet Reviews will help you become familiar with the publication to which you are pitching; the pitch must demonstrate knowledge about the outlet and its recently drafted articles.o Be clear, concise, and direct. Remember, most editors receive hundreds of pitches each week. o Begin with an engaging title. Strive to make it 10 words or less. Be creative.
ENGL 601o Include a brief introduction of yourself. Be friendly and personable. Explain who you are and what you do. Are you a student, a parent, a drafted author, or a freelancer?o Summarize your work and show why it is a good fit for this particular outlet. Strive for a summary of about 100 words. Consider including your motivation for writing the article and how this article meets the goals and purpose of the outlet. Ask yourself the following:Why this?Why now?What’s interesting about this topic? o Select a topic that is of interest to you and write with warmth and humility. o Carefully proofread. Check spelling, grammar, tone, and facts.
Article pitch must be fo r aa specific media outlet, called the curator. The magazine mainly deals with book reviews, art, poetry. I will also need an article folowing week on whatever topic the pitch is made on.

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