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Description: The TED Talk Review is a written assignment and not a presentation. It will vary in length depending on which presentation you watch and how much there is to comment on. The purpose of this assignment is to watch and evaluate an actual presentation while considering all of the elements that go into it and seeing how those elements influence its effectiveness.
Instructions: • Choose (1) informative TED Talk presentation (click the link to go to TED site), preferably 12 to 20 minutes in length, but you may pick any one you’d like. Note: 12 minutes is the minimum time for any TED Talk being used for this assignment.
• Briefly describe the presentation. Answer WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY. What is the specific purpose? This is where you will summarize the overall content.
• You will then analyze and discuss the content, organization, and delivery of the presentation based on what you have learned in the course. You will also assess the overall effectiveness of the speech, and explain why is was or was not effective . Include an assessment of the creativity and innovation within each section as well. I am looking for detailed explanations and not broad descriptions!
I don’t want just a summary of the information/content of the speech. Your analysis should be of the elements themselves and how they affect the presentation. Utilize the terms and techniques you’ve been learning so far when possible. Be sure you’re actually discussing the element correctly. For example, many times students are still discussing ‘content’ issues when they should be discussing ‘organization’ or ‘delivery’. Format: This document should be 1-2 pages in length. There is a 1 full page minimum. If you go over 2 pages, that is fine. Paragraphs should be single spaced with double space between paragraphs. Please use Times New Roman, size 12 font. See the attached Student example for formatting and content.

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