GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH PROJECT Research is an essential part of the healthcare

Research is an essential part
of the healthcare field including nursing. Nursing research is the term used to
describe the evidence used to support nursing practice. It drives the concept
of evidence-based practice. Evidenced-based practice is defined as a
research-based, decision-making process used to guide the delivery of holistic
patient care by nurses.
Evidence-based standards and
practices for quality care are disseminated through peer-reviewed publication.
Nurses need to know how to search for credible information and critically read
drafted articles.
An annotated bibliography is a
list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed
by a brief (less than 150 words) descriptive and
evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The goals of the annotated bibliography
are to 1) cite the complete reference, 2) describe the information provided,
and 3) inform the reader of the usefulness and quality of the sources cited.
In this activity, each student
will identify an issue or “research question” in the clinical area. The student
must locate and review one current (less than 5 years old) peer-reviewed
article that addresses the topic. The student will review the article and
answer the following questions in a 1 to 2 page paper. APA format is required.
1. Identify
the issue or problem noted and its significance to the clinical setting. (2
2. Identify
the variables and reliability of the study. (2 points)
3. Identify
how the study supports or opposes current practice. (3 points)
4. Prepare
an annotated bibliography of the article (3 points)
Evaluate the
authority or background of the author
Comment on
the intended audience
of the article
references (dates)

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