** Below are the instructions and I am open to the job type chosen for this assi

** Below are the instructions and I am open to the job type chosen for this assignment. I am attaching an example of the assignment.****
For this assignment, you will determine what knowledge and skills a newcomer to the job would need and then translate those needs into training objectives. You can pick you own job or former job (hiring your replacement!) or perhaps if you are a supervisor/manager, you can pick a job that you supervise for this assignment. The assignment is worth 50 points. See the demonstration/model that is provided in d2l to help with this assignment.
1. Provide a job description (like 3 sentences) for the job you are using for this assignment and identify the main job duties incorporated in the job description (10 points)
3. Pick one of the job duties for this part of the assignment. Identify 5 key tasks relevant to this job duty and then identify 3 specific knowledges and 3 specific skills that are relevant for completing the key tasks for this job duty. Make sure that one of the three skills is a closed skill and one of the three is an open skill. The third one could be either. Also, make sure you use the standard practice for writing up task statements and the knowledge and skill statements (15 points)
4. From your list of 3 knowledge and 3 skills, pick one knowledge, one open skill, and one closed skill that a newcomer would need to acquire and write a training objective for each of the three you have chosen. Make sure each of the three objectives includes the three characteristics (condition, behavior, criterion/standard) of a well written objective by placing the condition in italics, the behavior as underlined, and the criterion in bold (25 points).

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