Attached is the paper I have. This paper needs rewitten. It has good points, but

Attached is the paper I have. This paper needs rewitten. It has good points, but is not what it needs to be. It should be looking at Florida as a business. The market analysis needs to contain a thorough SWOT analysis of Florida and reflect porters five forces. It needs to Identify atleast 4 competiters California, Louisana, New York, and Hawaii; with 4 key criteria, such as tourism, cost of living, taxes, and educated workforce. The strategic analysis needs to correlate with the marketing analysis on how to fix or strengthen these key criteria in Florida. The executive summary should be only 1 page and only summarize the strategic alnalysis.
These are 3 separate parts of the paper.
Market Analysis –
Based upon your research and using Porter’s Five Forces, evaluate the
competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the growth of
lbusiness and industry and the attraction of new business and industry to the
State of Florida. (3-5 pages)
Strategic Positioning Analysis – Based upon your research,
detail your strategy for Florida’s Unique Selling Points (of most value to its
current and future viability). What strategies would you recommend to civic
leaders in order to gain or maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in
growing existing business and industry and attracting new businesses and
industry to the State of Florida? (3-5 pages)
Executive Summary – Write a one page Executive Summary of your Strategic Positioning Analysis. (1 page)
Be advised,
this is not a report on the State of Florida. This assignment is a critical
analysis of your research and recommendations based upon that research. Please
keep this in mind while developing your paper.

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