1. In the introduction a. take a look at the impact of COVID-19 on the US overal

1. In the introduction a. take a look at the impact of COVID-19 on the US overall economy b. businesses and employment (including households) c. potentials economic recovery plans by the US government.
2. Abstract- a. a summary of what the research is all about b. how the topic is researched c. method used in examining the subject matter of study d. briefly explain the results, findings, and what you concluded on.
3. In the literature review a. does stimulus help both businesses and individuals recover? b. compare pre-COVID, during, and post unemployment status in the US b. economic growth c. activities of the financial market d. foreign trade et cetera.
4. In the methodology, you would need to describe methods which you are using to discuss the topic a. data b. graphs among others. Those methods must spread across 1. COVID-19 vaccinations, 2. employment 3. Economic growth 4. Improved foreign trade 5. Financial market.
5. Based on the methodology, discuss your findings through those methods as mentioned in part 3 and must include the status of COVID-19 vaccinations, employment or unemployment rate, economic growth, foreign or international trade, and financial market.
6. Your conclusion is a summary of your results and findings.
7. Your references must be in APA 7th or 6th Edition.

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