Construct your own essay title or question. Make sure the referencing is in MHRA

Construct your own essay title or question.
Make sure the referencing is in MHRA style, same with bibliography and filmography. Use footnotes, no endnotes.
You will be assessed on your understanding of horror as it is specifically manifest within the film of your choice. You will need to combine film analysis with some concise discussion of the debates or controversies that are most relevant to understanding its particular example of horror.
You will need to provide an argument related to the question, and to prove it by finding particular examples. These examples may include specific scenes or motifs which either illustrate its status as horror or complicate it – or both at once.
In addition to that you will be assessed on the breadth of knowledge particularly through further reading, independent research, and an awareness of films (not including films listed below)
You will need to demonstrate that you have undertaken a sufficient amount of
reading; that you have understood the basic parameters and arguments of the texts you are discussing, and that you have used bibliographical and referencing conventions properly. You will be judged on how well you comprehend explicitly theoretical texts, how you synthesise critical information, how you construct and structure a coherent and convincing argument, and on your abilities to interpret visual and narrative information.
Essay most not be based on these films:
* Paranormal activity
* Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens/Nosferatu
* The Innocents
* The Witch
* Cannibal Holocaust
* Son of Frankenstein
* The Curse of Frankenstein
* The Wicker Man
* Ecologia del delitto/Bay of Blood
* Ju-On: The Grudge
* Scream
Make sure there is not awkward or informal phrases. Refer back to the title/question to make sure the purpose of the essay it’s clear.
Use proper cinematic terms and talk about cinematic elements (eg. the use of mise-en-scene, editing, cinematography or sound)

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