Your final exam assignment is to write a 6–7-page paper that identifies the soci

Your final exam assignment is to write a 6–7-page paper that identifies the social acceptance as well as economic benefits of mass incarceration, as discussed within The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. You are then required to compare the societal normality of the mass incarceration of black and brown people to either (1)the acceptance of deadly force by police or (2) the impact of felony convictions on the minority community. Please note that you are only required to choose one.
When you answer the question, be sure to consider the generic reasons that have given as justification to either situation? What legally, political and or environmental changes would you suggest? Do not forget to acknowledge the racial caste system and use it as a foundation for your personal and/or external connection.
The racial caste system has been identified in your readings, discussed during the classes and reflected on your last discussion board post assignment should tremendously assist you with making connections between the book and current events. What role does the criminalization of black and brown people play in the racial caste system? What is (if any) a connection between the reasons mass incarceration and justification for officer usage of deadly force.
With that being said, be sure to reflect your own perspective through the reference points of what you read and what you have seen in the news. Please be sure to be specific with your examples as reflected in your reading of the introduction, chapters 1 and 2. That means that there should be at least three different connections!

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