You are employment consultants that has been hired to work for a group of colleg

You are employment consultants that has been hired to work for a group of college students about to graduate with advanced degrees who are looking to find the best fit for their skills. The group of students have a variety of skills/degrees and are looking for your consulting group to provide them with information as to where they would best fit for their long-term future. Some of them plan to move on to other companies over the long term. Your job is to prepare a written and formal presentation of the best fit for the top three companies you would recommend to your clients using the list provided upon the following criteria.
Paid Time Off
Perks / Benefits
Chance for professional growth
You choose you own groups for this assignment. This information will be used to create the following:
A. An Outline of the Best Companies
B. A Draft Report
C. A Final Report
D. A Business Presentation
Your FINAL Report should include:
– A Cover Sheet
– You can include a Table of Contents.
– Include pictures, bullet points, graphs, and charts to support your content.
– Headings if included should be a different font from the text.
– All of the anticipated sections you plan on using for your final report (this can change later in the draft of final report)
– Good formatting throughout; Final Reports should be business format with single spaced paragraph with no indentations; paragraphs should be double-spaced between paragraphs.
– Clear identification of the companies you will be writing about.
– No abbreviations.
– Reference sheet with at least three references.
Your work is to present an excellent paper which has good content in a professional format.

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