Assignment Details Introduction: Prepare an introduction for your capstone assig

Assignment Details
Prepare an introduction for your capstone assignment. Identify at least 3 published sources that support the relevance, timeliness, and significance of the topic in the initial submission.
The requirement states the thesis is the last sentence of the introduction. The thesis is a sentence that stands alone. So work on the thesis and your outline should include
Draft 1 Introduction (thesis), statement of problem and references.
1. Introduction: Identify the Topic
2. Statement of the Problem
3. References
Statement of the Problem:
Prepare a statement of the problem.The problem statement is an issue or problem within a broad topic area that you believe is important. The statement of the problem should include the basic difficulty, area of concern, and/or perceived need for the study. It includes a description of the background of the problem (these are factors that caused this to be a problem) and the justification for studying the problem.
A statement of the problem includes the following components:
• The situation in/ within (organization/institution/policy,etc.).
• Has created a problem (describe).
• In (context of the study), this problem creates the following situation (specific details with quantifiable data to support, reference literature on the topic).
•This problem impacts (name the population) because (describe the impact).
At the bottom where it says additional materials is the example of how they are asking for the thesis in the introduction.

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