1- “At its best, if artificial intelligence can help individuals better understa

1- “At its best, if artificial intelligence can help individuals better understand and control their own emotional and affective states, including fear, happiness, loneliness, anger, interest and alertness, there is enormous potential for good. It could greatly improve quality of life and help individuals meet long term goals. It could save many lives now lost to suicide, homicide, disease, and accident. It might help us get through the global pandemic and economic crisis.”
2- “At its worst, if artificial intelligence can automate the ability to read or control others’ emotions, it has substantial implications for economic and political power and individuals’ rights. Some current advertising and hiring uses of mood detection are unacceptable. Some U.S. cities and states have started to regulate private and government use of AI related to affect and emotions.”
The above paragraphs are excerpts from this web page: https://partnershiponai.org/paper/the-ethics-of-ai-and-emotional-intelligence/
The Essay Structure:
1- Pick a side. Which one of the above statements do you support (1 or 2)?
2- Write an essay to support your position in about 1000 words.
3- Write your essay in 3 separate paragraphs, each focusing on a valid argument (thus, present 3 arguments).

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